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Santhosh Sakhinala
Guest Faculty
Art History & Visual Studies

Santhosh Kumar Sakhinala graduated in Fine Arts, Art History (BFA) as specialization from Kala Bhavan, Viswa Bharati, Santiniketan, and completed Masters (MVA) from MS University, Baroda. 

The thesis submitted during MVA is ‘History, Memorials, and Memories Contextualizing the Statues of Hussain Sagar within the Politics of their Emergence’. He had conducted a documentation field work on ‘Surabhi Theatre’ of Andhra Pradesh and a research and documentation program on the Sivakasi printing presses in Tamil Nadu as a research assistant to Dr. Jyotindra Jain. Another research and documentation program was completed around popular calendar prints of India.

Invited by the Biennial Society for the seminar ‘elective affinities, constitutive differences: contemporary art in Asia’. He has participated in several national and international conferences and workshops around art and culture.





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