From the Vice-Chancellor

Dear Colleagues,

Among the many challenges that higher education faces today the  world over, one of the most important is that of achieving and maintaining standards. How do institutions uphold academic excellence even as they grapple with the imperative to democratize university education? Clearly, there are no short cuts or quick fix solutions. Each institution must come up with innovative answers that address the various players in higher education:  students, faculty, staff, support services, and even neighborhood communities.

The National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) in Bangalore is an organization that can help us in this regards, by establishing standards and evaluating institutions in an independent and rigorous manner. We were one of the first to voluntarily subject ourselves to a NAAC evaluation, and having gone through one reaccreditation in 2008 and got the A+ grade with a score of 3.89 out of 4, we are due for the next evaluation in March 2013.

The University of Hyderabad has, since its inception in 1974, distinguished itself at the national and international levels. Today it attracts some of the best students and faculty based on rigorous criteria: Its many awards and honors make it a coveted place of learning.   At the same time, like all other institutions, our University today, must confront questions that require reflection. Have we kept pace with the times, both in terms of the subjects themselves as well as the best practices in pedagogy? Are our support services up to par? Are our students making the best use of our resources? Are our teachers engaging in state of the art research and teaching? We need to  find answers to these and other questions.

Today we face an onerous task. We have expanded significantly since 2008, but our system has not progressed adequately to match the process of our growth? Keeping these and other important goals in mind, we have set up a NAAC Appraisal Report Committee at the University, chaired by Prof. Sachidanand Mohanty.

I appeal to the entire University community to extend all round support to them. The committee’s work is well cut out, and it really needs a lot of support from all of us. We should deliver a report that is honest and transparent, a report that lists our achievements and limitations. And in addition, we should use this process to delineate our ambitions and aspirations.

I wish the NAAC Steering Committee best of luck. I sincerely hope that the document we prepare for March 2013 reflects our true values, and that this process brings us to the leadership position that we know we are capable of.


Ram Ramaswamy