Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of the NAAC Appraisal Report Committee are as under:

a) To seek, obtain, compile and store all academic, scholarly, administrative & related information from all units of the university (in hard & soft copy form), in accordance with the modalities suggested by the NAAC, Bangalore.

b) All the Deans of Schools/ Heads of Departments/ Centres/ Stand Alone Centres & Heads of various section of the Administration to provide the necessary inputs to the committee for it to prepare a comprehensive appraisal to be communicated to the NAAC & to liaise with all units of the university by according it top priority.

c) To work in close association with the office of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) & other related units of the university as well as the academic, examination & development sections in order to adequately prepare for the NAAC peer group's visit in March 2013.

d) Any other matter as approved by the Vice-Chancellor

e) The committee is free to co-opt additional members from time to time. The Chair of the NAACAPC will report the developments at regular intervals to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor & Vice-Chancellor.