Research & Projects


Research programmes in the department broadly focus on Queer Performances, Cultural Policy, Traditional Performance Cultures, Childrens Theatre, Digital Arts and Performance, Contemporary Theory on Theatre and Practice as Research in Performance. To enrich the research culture, the department constantly organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures. In January 2011 the department organized an international conference on Colonial and post colonial in Indian theatre and an international workshop for researchers from various universities on Theorizing Practice and Practicing Theory in Theatre with the support of the International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR) in which scholars like Prof. Jannelle Renault (University of Warwick) , Prof. Elaine Austin (Lancaster University), Prof. Brian singleton (Trinity college, Dublin & President, IFTR), Prof. Mark Fleishmann (University of Cape Town) and Prof. David Whitten (Lancaster University) were the key resource persons.


Theatre Outreach Unit

Recently the department has received grant to start a Theatre Outreach Unit from Sir Ratan Tata Trust to restructure the traditional ways of theatre training and practice in Andhra Pradesh and bring forth a relevance to university academic systems to the contemporary theatre practice. With an interdisciplinary approach, primarily the unit will be working in three major areas; Capacity Building and Training Initiative (CBTI), Sustainable Livelihood through Theatre (SLT) and Strengthening Theatre Spaces (STS).

The Unit will be housed in the Golden Threshold premises of the university at Abids, Hyderabad and the operations of the unit is expected to be started by the end of May 2012.

Children's Theatre Training Initiative

Department frequently organizes training programmes in Childrens theatre for the school teachers working in different schools in Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with voluntary organizations. Already the department has conducted two such workshops in association with Dr. Reddy Foundation, Hyderabad for their teachers working in their schools.

Theatre workshops

In association with National School of Drama the department organizes workshops to disseminate the idea of meaningful theatre to different groups apart from department's independent outreach initiatives.