Why this Department?

The Department of Theatre Arts strongly believes that working at good theatre is physically demanding and intellectually arduous. There is no short cut to achieve it except hard work and serious study. The objective of our Masters programme is to empower students through rigorous training, to practice and appropriate the art of theatre to new contexts thrown up by the rapidly changing contemporary culture and technology. To do this, thorough knowledge of the history and theory of performance is imperative so that a theatre artist understands the field as full of choices and can chart out his or her own path in the society and market.

The Masters programme balances training in the practical aspects of theatre with the historical and theoretical aspects. The aim is to train multi-faceted theatre artists, integrating theory with practice, imagination with technology, and art with the practical issues of management and marketing in diverse contexts of the globalized market.

Apart from experienced permanent Faculty, the Department also organizes workshops with prominent experts in theatre, often in collaboration with the National School of Drama, New Delhi. The department, along with the Sarojini Naidu School will soon move into a new building with the best possible facilities and latest equipment.

The medium of instruction will be English. But there is no language bar for acting or other practical work. Students can work in the language of their choice and multilingual plays are encouraged.